Whatsapp Worth

Facebook has bought messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a staggering $19bn.

Let's see just how that stacks up...



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$1 billion

$1bn is how much  Facebook paid for the photo-sharing app in 2012.

$1.1 billion

The Ferrari Formula One Team, owned
by Fiat, is worth $1.1bn.

$2.23 billion

The world’s biggest football club is valued at $2.23bn.

$2.4 billion

The American Revolution was one of the world’s most famous military battles. It cost $2.4bn
to resolve.

$3 billion

Snapchat knocked back a $3bn bid from Facebook last year.

$3.8 billion

Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Spacecraft cost $75m to build. Sent every week for a year, it would cost $3.8bn.

$4.6 billion

Richard Branson,
the Virgin tycoon’s
net worth stands
at around $4.6bn.

$5.7 billion

The luxury sports car maker’s brand is valued at $5.7bn.

$6 billion

The most expensive building in the world, built in Singapore, cost $6bn.

$6 billion

To help repair the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan, it could cost $6bn.

$7.1 billion

The fashion label’s brand value stands at $7.1bn.


$6.7 billion

Each satellite sent to Mars by NASA costs $671.37m. Just over $6.7bn will send 10.

$7.75 billion

To build the Olympic Stadium in London 10 times over, it would cost $7.75bn.

$8.34 billion

Every month, online retail giant Amazon made $8.34bn in 2012/13.

Whats App Worth

$10 billion

10,000 bottles of  Gout de Diamant Brut Diamond Champagne costs a jaw-dropping $1million each

$12 billion

Would be enough to house all the refugees from Homs in Jordan for a decade.

$13 billion

The United Nations allocated $13bn for worldwide humanitarian relief in 2014.

$13.7 billion

Despite splurging on WhatsApp, the social network’s brand is valued at $13.7bn.

$15 billion

Harry Potter, the hugely-popular series of books and films made a whopping $15bn.

$16 billion

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO is worth an estimated $16bn




The amount Facebook paid to buy out Whatsapp